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We present our ZERO Mirror collection 

Circular colored mirrors with a clean and minimalist design Magnetic wall anchoring system  

Possibility of customized realization


Glass with colored glass stem. Set of 6 handcrafted vintage glasses, blown glass, multicolored, hand-decorated respecting the oldest traditions of the masters of Murano. Excellent conditions, without defects. Imperfections are due to the craftsmanship.


Pair of vases made by Maria Grazia Rosin, an Italian glass artist. The works are in multilayer glass, the cup in black and red, and the vase in milky white glass, both decorated with multiple lobes.


Lost wax casting glass sculpture by the Argentine artist Silvia Levenson.

His practice explores the subtle space located between what is seen and what is sensed. The four bottles, which women once used to put their favorite perfumes, transcend their formal meaning and contain the metaphor of a male stereotype towards the female universe.


Amore/Love. Everything that should communicate happiness and sharing has its dark side: love is pink, in warm colors and almost cloying, but it is also a latent danger whose effects of deflagration few survive. This is the work that created Silvia Levenson, a pink hand grenade, with the words "love" enclosed in a transparent case, as should be the relationship in a couple.


GOCCIA Lamp is an abat-jour characterized by a sinuous body in blue spectrum glass set between two 19mm extra-clear glass plates. The particular modeling and polishing process simulates the famous technique, Sommerso born in Murano island.

Support in polished brass.

Silk lampshade.


SNAKE CABINET is a real masterpiece of manual craftsmanship signed by Effetto Vetro.

Only two existing pieces of these 6mm amethyst glass cabinets with crystal inserts.

Each insert has been modeled and polished by hand starting from a 19mm extra-clear glass, then silvered by hand and then assembled with the other inserts to form this characteristic texture.

The legs are made of brass and individually adjustable.

The doors are hinged and closed with a mirror key and lock.

  • 6mm amethyst mirror

  • 19mm clear crystal inserts, hand ground and polished, manual silver plating

  • 45 ° grinding

  • Doors with mirror lock and key

  • Adjustable brass legs

  • Width 100cm Depth 45cm Height 65cm body + legs 85cm


CANDY CABINET is a cabinet, made by Effetto Vetro in one piece, this cabinet is characterized by colored inserts that recall the candies we ate as children.

However, behind this simple shapes there is an important and complex craftsmanship, in fact, each insert is made by assembling several layers of 5mm colored glass.

Modeled, hand polished and finally silvered by hand, to obtain these splendid polychrome elements.

The legs are made of brass and individually adjustable.

The doors are hinged and closed with a mirror key and lock.

  • 5mm blue mirror

  • 45 ° grinding

  • Inserts in 20mm plates + gluing in various colors 5 / 6mm, hand polished + hand silver plating

  • Doors with lock and mirror key

  • Adjustable brass legs

  • Width 135cm Depth 45cm Height 62cm body + legs 82cm


Sinuous shapes in contrast with a minimal and rigorous design, this is the FLOW CABINET created by Effetto Vetro.

Composed by the classic structure of the cabinet in birch wood thickness 25 mm and with finishes worked at 45 °

All covered with a 5 mm black mirror and a 12 mm Fontana Arte yellow glass, out of production, hot bent and glued with UV glue. 

It is precisely the yellow wave that characterizes the piece of furniture, playing with the shapes, which interact with each other both when it is closed and open.

Completing the closure with mirror key and the brass legs, individually adjustable.

  • 5mm black mirror

  • 45 ° grinding

  • Doors with mirror lock and key

  • Adjustable brass legs

  • Width 100 cm Depth 45 cm Height 65 cm body + legs 85


FLOW MIRROR is made with a 5 mm clear float mirror and 12mm Fontana Arte yellow glass, no longer in production, heat bent and glued with UV glue, the same characteristic of the Flow Cabinet.

The installation support is made of 20 mm beveled plywood.

  • Fontana Arte 12mm yellow glass, heat bent and UV glued

  • Support in plywood 20mm beveled

  • 5mm Clear Float Mirror


We celebrate the Perseverance space mission to Mars with the splendid MARS CABINET by Effetto Vetro.

A cabinet with harmonic proportions covered with hot-deformed and hand-silvered Amber mirrors.

The texture of the cabinet recalls the desert alien landscape of Mars, with its changing orography and its characteristic iridescent color.

Note the attention to detail, the birch wood interior has a thickness of 25mm and is finished at 45 °, the brass legs are adjustable to always guarantee perfect stability.

  • 4mm amber glass produced by fusion with precise templeta

  • Hand silver coating for mirror effect

  • 45 ° grinding

  • Doors with push-up opening

  • Adjustable brass legs

  • Width 100 cm Depth 45 cm Height 65 cm body + legs 85


RECTANGLE MIRROR and SQUAREcomplete the cycle of curved mirrors made by Effetto Vetro.

These mirrors are distinguished by their sharp and clean lines in contradiction with the rounded mirrors.

Reflection and distortion constantly chase each other in an iridescent game

The work is completed by the support for anchoring to the wall in iron and polished brass.

  • Colored 6 mm Glass

  • Polished 45° beveled perimeter

  • Available colours: Gold Pink - Blue - Green - Bronze

  • Handmade silver coating for mirror effect

  • Iron / Brass wall support

  • Base 79 cm Height 158 cm Deep 8 cm

  •  Final shape is not perfectly rectangular