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Distillation is a physical process of separating the elements of a fermented product, which allows us to disperse the useless or unpleasant parts and to preserve only the best aroma and essential structure.

The sculpture, made in Murano during a period of artistic residency, is inspired by the organic forms of the human body and its internal processes.

Thanks to the transparency and consistency of the glass, it becomes a “purified” object, as if modeled to take on new connotations, transformed into something else starting from its basic components.

The distillate is what remains of a subject, the derivative of its fragility and its loss of balance. It is the result of a squeezing, a stronger and more concentrated product, obtained from the synthesis of layers and passages that have dispersed the unique identity in favor of the emergence of a deep and precious structure.

Murano's glass


"Inizio" = "Start"

it's the possibility of an encounter.

The empty space between two opposite directions, which are sought.


Beginning: from the Latin initium - initus, that is to go in, to enter.

Freely inspired by Michelangelo's "Creation", indeed the instant that precedes creation

Smoked blown glass


  • We are glad to present The Honey Candlesticks, this unique elements are really masterpieces of the manual ability of Effetto Vetro. 

  • Playing with the light passing through the glass is the concept behind this candlesticks, with a design inspired of the sensual color of honey.

  • The body element is formed by four layers of glass, extraclear for the outside and a special and rare Yellow Glass by Fontana Arte for the inside, shaped and polished by hand.

  • Brass Base

  • Biological Candle made Beeswax


  • The Green Dots Lamps are a couple of unique lamps made by Effetto Vetro that create a beautiful contrast between the square shape of the design with the round green decoration lenses.

  • Round lenses are made by green Parsol Glass, hot curved and then a silver coating applied for mirror effect.

  • The lamps body is made by Black Glass with a 45° bevel connection

  • Brass polished metal parts

  • Matte Black Silk Lampshade


  • The Constellation Cabinet was created by Effetto Vetro, it is an artistic piece of furniture that has a strong character with its original presence.

  • The hand-silvered 6mm Parsol Green Glass makes the characteristic element in its unique color, enriched by formal elements that recall the  constellations hand-made starting from a 20 mm extra-clear glass for the stars and a black glass in paste for the connections.

  • Brass Legs individually adjustable

  • The interior is made of 25mm birch wood finished with a 45 ° bevel

  • The doors are hinged and closed by key and lock


  • Pixel Vase is the result of a molding process between hot glass and a wooden shape made by oak with a tesselation geometry like pixels.

  • The vase is a representation of the contrast between the lightness and plasticity of glass with the rigid geometry of the pixel woodbase. Resulting in a contradictory shape the melt together their respective characteristics.

  • From 2018 to 2020 was on display at Castello Sforzesco di Milano

  • Material : Glass


  • The set is made using a unique technology of combining pixel-shaped wooden components.

  • On the one hand, heavy wood, fired with incandescent glass, acquires a rich black color, which makes it possible to further emphasize the special lightness and crystal transparency of the glass.

  • On the other hand, wood, with its single impressive appearance, makes one think not only about the purity of glass due to contrasting, but also about the artistic and physical durability of the authentic forms of these vases. 

  • Manual processing and mechanical polishing.

  • Material : Glass, Oak


  •  Vase became finalist of Milano Vetro -35 - 2018 

  • From 2018 to 2020 was on display at Castello Sforzesco di Milano.

  • It is made directly at the high-temperature furnace by the original method of molding products - Blowing with a glass blowing tube.

  • This art object embodies the image of a "raindrop" that seemed to fall from the hands of Drozhdin onto a uniformly fading oak, as a result of which the moment of contact of plastic living glass matter with the author's oak pixel stand was captured. 

  • The unique texture clearly shows the plasticity of the material and its susceptibility to foreign forms, due to which it is possible to obtain vessels of extremely diverse shapes.

  • Material : Glass, Oak



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